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ULTRA RARE blasts from the past: 128 and 129, Black Metal 1 and 2!

£20.00 / Sold Out

Complete your collection of Terrorizers with these pristine, as new back issues, straight from the publisher with reduced shipping costs for multiple issues. These issues are ultra rare!

From late 2005 and early, we have available for you:

128 February 2005 BLACK METAL part 1 ( five copies available at 14/06/2014, two good condition, one fair, one torn poor condition, one torn poor condition marked 'Marion's File Copy' - a working copy used by the Sub Editor Marion Garden, all have no CD);

128 February 2005 BLACK METAL - one copy only, pristine WITH CD!

129 March 2005 Metallica, Black Metal part 2 (with CD)

(Remember, these 'zines are almost TEN years old so will show slight signs of age).