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Terrorizer 268 - Ihsahn


What I really enjoy about Ihsahn – the man – is his ability to be entirely honest and forthright in his interviews. Alongside his rather humbling persona, for a man who has had such an impact on the extreme music scene, I find his grounded nature continually refreshing. It’s obviously our honour to have Vegard ‘Ihsahn’ Tveitan appear on the cover of this new issue and I hope you enjoy our feature which covers the creation of his latest album ‘Arktis.’, Emperor – past and present – and what the future holds for the Norwegian multi-instrumentalist.

Elsewhere in this issue, please make sure you check out some super exclusive glimpses of Baroness’ artwork ‘in-progress’ and delve into what motivates John Dyer Baizley’s creations; read all about the making of Rotting Christ’s amazing new album; Anthrax’s most diverse album to date ‘For All Kings’, and much, much more to boot!

It’s been a killer few weeks for music from both new bands and established artists alike. As always it’s a battle to squeeze everything into these pages. We hope you enjoy and as I sign off, I just have to dedicate my final words to the rather amazing Ilkley Brewery Company – whose awesome flavours of the North have ensured that rather than enjoying a ‘Dry January’, I have enjoyed the ‘Best Selection Of Beer And Ale January’ ever!

See you soon!


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