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Terrorizer 267 - Abbath


It was 2AM when I read the news that Lemmy had passed away. It was at the end of a festive night at home and needless to say I was pretty drunk. By that time, we’d already had (another, final) nightcap, but it felt appropriate to have another one in honour of the great man himself. Only a few days on, and social media sites continue to be flooded with stories, anecdotes and live performance archives of Motörhead in action.

As I write this, I imagine this celebration will be the status quo for quite some time to come. It certainly feels heartfelt and no-one could doubt Motörhead’s impact on the world of music. But it wasn’t just the music, it was the lifestyle and the portrayal of the outlaw lifestyle that also captured our hearts too. As a kid, Motörhead scared you from just looking at the pictures on the album sleeves; when you stuck the needle on the groove, that feeling was intensified 1000 times, and it’s that feeling that made Motörhead so special and unique. At the age of 70, while not exactly ancient, considering the life style that he enjoyed, it’s a pretty amazing innings. Lemmy led the life he wanted, on his terms and he was the larger than life character everyone could vicariously live their rock ‘n’ roll excess through, so we didn’t have to. He’s also left an extremely rich catalogue of music for us to enjoy, time and time again. And that is the beauty of music.

While the man himself grew old, the music that is left will never age. The video footage remains too. Albums like ‘Bomber’ are the sounds of three young men having the times of their life, while last year’s ‘Bad Magic’ is the sound of three mature men demonstrating that rock ‘n’ roll is indeed still king. Celebrate, enjoy and be thankful of the legacy – it is unique.


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