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Terrorizer 265 and the Enigmatic Uncle Acid


Every month I’m truly honoured to hear so much new music – from every genre and every part of the globe. As I write this and therefore put to bed a spanking new issue of this magazine, both Mgła and Gama Bomb are helping me through the wee hours. You can read about Mgła and this auspicious album in this issue while we catch up with Irish thrashers Gama Bomb next month. Two awesome bands and I trust you’ll enjoy the said features on both. This month’s cover story is testament to the notion that Terrorizer appreciates all genres within the underground and will celebrate bands who are really at the top of their own, unique game.

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats’s latest album ‘The Night Creeper’ is truly first class and ahead of their UK tour, it’s an honour to have the Cambridge crew on our cover. Penned by senior writer José Carlos Santos, the story covers the adventures of the Uncle, the making of the album and their success across the pond in America. Elsewhere, as always we’re got a shitload of cracking features which we hope you’ll enjoy and right now, all there’s left to say is – see you next month!


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