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Terrorizer 258 - Shining


Full disclosure? I wasn’t all that keen on doing the Shining cover feature when it was initially proposed to me. Not because I am not a fan of the band in question, and of this latest album in particular – it was, in fact, the slowly-developing yet all-consuming pleasures of the band’s ninth album, the delightfully melancholic ‘IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends’, that ultimately pushed me to do it. You see, I had never talked to Niklas Kvarforth before, a man whose reputation precedes him like goddamn thunder precedes lightning.

Still, I soldiered on, and after almost an hour of captivating conversation, most of it about – gasp! – music, I was very glad I did. It’s a pleasure to bring to the forefront a side of the Swedish musician that surely many of his own band’s fans have seldom seen before. At a phase in his life where good health, good decisions and good music seem to be finally taking priority, it was refreshing to hear Niklas rave about the last Behemoth album, talk about selling most of his record collection because albums that aren’t perfect disturb him, quote Depeche Mode and hail them as one of his favourite bands, or pinpoint the one riff – not his own! - that gave way to the entire writing of the new album, among many other things.

Though still very much the larger-than-life character we’ve all come to know and love/hate (opinions vary!), tongue still razor-sharp and wit as sardonic as you’d expect, there’s more to this remarkable musician than meets the eye, and it was great to skip yet another drug-and-antics interview, bring out the music fan in him, and show it to all our readers, who will also hopefully come away from this conversation with a different image of this often misunderstood enfant terrible.
José Carlos Santos


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