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Terrorizer 256 - Napalm Death


Leading this month’s charge are the mighty Napalm Death. Frankly this magazine wouldn’t exist without them and the legacy they have created in popular culture. I have grown up with Napalm in my life, from my formative years of ‘star-spotting’ Shame Embury at Telford Central train station; watching life-changing TV documentaries on the Beeb; the countless live shows over the years and I’ll never forget a night in London after a show which eventually led to me meeting my best friend and now wife.

It’s an honour to have them back on the cover again – the new album kills and as always Barney and Shane have plenty to discuss. We hope you enjoy the read. Napalm aren’t the only legends contained within – this month we welcome the return of Venom, and catch up with Obituary too and celebrate the world of classic German thrash thanks to a wonderful article by our own
José Carlos Santos.

Headphones back on, I’m heading back into a world of music discovery, so I can stop generalising about my fellow commuters and absorb myself in a world of escapism and, I hope, find some solace in more dark and epic soundscapes. I’ll tip my hat towards Royal Thunder, Winds Of Genocide, Lightning Bolt, Moonspell and Enslaved right now and plenty more too I hope over come weeks!

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