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Terrorizer 253 Electric Wizard


This month, we’ve got a veritable doom feast for you as Terrorizer investigates the turbulent circumstances behind ELECTRIC WIZARD’s monolithic new album, ‘Time To Die’. We caught up with frontman Jus Oborn to find out more about how the Dorest doom legends returned from the void with one of their strongest albums to date.

We also caught up with YOB to discuss how their transcendental, evocative take on the genre has opened new doors for them, found out why Dylan Carlson considers the new EARTH album to be his “midlife crisis record”, get an exclusive studio report from the mighty GOATSNAKE and discovered exactly why WITCH MOUNTAIN vocalist Uta Plotkin has decided to leave the band at the pinnacle of their success.

And it’s not just a delicious dose of doom we’ve got for this issue; we also look into CANNIBAL CORPSE’s relationship with gore, quiz DECAPITATED on their second post-reunion album, interrogate OPETH on their decision to saunter further down the prog path and anticipate the return of Warrel Dane’s pre-Nevermore power metal act SANCTUARY.

We also delve into the cryptic, evil word of USBM monsters NIGHTBRINGERS, find out why DARK FORTRESS are looking to the skies for inspiration and get to the bottom of all the drastic changes that have occurred in the FALLOCH camp over the past three years.
We test RED FANG’s metal knowledge, find out why XERATH have overcome their ongoing guitarist troubles and speak to PROFOUND LORE mastermind Chris Bruni about the label’s ethos and new releases from PALLBEARER, COFFINWORM and more.

And if that’s still not enough, this month’s Terrorizer also features:


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