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Terrorizer 249 - Arch Enemy Pass the Flame


The torch has been passed in one of the world’s biggest extreme metal bands, and Terrorizer brings you the full story this month. ARCH ENEMY singer Angela Gossow has stepped down, and passed the baton on to her successor Alissa White-Gluz. We speak to both women, and the band’s leader Michael Amott, to get the full story of why a genuine pioneer has left, and what the future holds.

Also this month, we also hear from Swedish powerhouses SABATON on how why they are suffering from their biggest case of performance anxiety. We speak to two legendary sludge bands, CROWBAR and EYEHATEGOD, about milestones, mental illness, car-crash performances and love of KISS. Want to know which band is talking about which? Pick up a copy now.

We travel to Sweden to ask MORBUS CHRON, VAMPIRE and MIASMAL why the country is once again a hotbed of death metal, and stick around in the country to find out the full story of DRAGONFORCE’S upcoming album. ANATHEMA explain why they had to go backwards to move forwards, while Max Cavalera and Troy Sanders discuss their new supergroup KILLER BE KILLED.

We also ask (#whynot) DYING FETUS frontman John Gallagher for his favourite tunes, ask Paradise Lost’s Greg Mackintosh why VALLENFYRE returned for more, celebrate 30 years of VADER with Peter, find out why black metal and HP Lovecraft go so well together with THE GREAT OLD ONES, test the music knowledge of killer rising stars INTER ARMA and WINDHAND, recall one of black metal’s lost masterpieces with DAWN, hear why MISERY INDEX are invoking, er, Rush.

If that’s still not enough reasons for you to pick up June’s punishing new Terrorizer, this issue also includes:

and much, much more!

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