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Terrorizer 243 - 20 years of Terrorizer


This month marked Terrorizer's 20th anniversary, so to celebrate, we called up some of our most well-informed friends to discuss everything that has happened, everything that has changed and everything that is still to come. We talk to NAPALM DEATH'S Shane Embury; the man, the legend that is Mr Tom G. Warrior of CELTIC FROST and TRIPTYKON; the living death metal encyclopaedia Trevor Strnad of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and some even more familiar faces…

But that is only the beginning. We talk to DEICIDE frontman Glen Benton, about why the band are actually a bunch of nice guys, and why they finally split with Ralph Santolla. We talk to HELL about having to prove they're a creative, current band and not a retro pastiche, and reminisce with Max Cavalera about the recording of SEPULTURA classic 'Chaos A.D.'.

We chat to NIGHTWISH about trying to find stability, and why they might do anything from death metal to reggae on their next album. We find that there is life after Candlemass for Leif Edling as AVATARIUM find their feet, discover why metalheads are the most open-minded music fans with post-punk's new stars BEASTMILK, and discover how NECROPHOBIC are feeling after their recent dramas.

Post-metal collective THE OCEAN are pitted against Norwegian black metal/jazz lunatics SHINING in our Hard Of Hearing test, GLORIOR BELLI explain why a French black metal band playing music that sounds like it's from the US' Deep South is actually authentic, ROSETTA explain why they want musicians to kill the music industry and the death metal filth of DARK DESCENT RECORDS is profiled.

If that's still not enough, this special anniversary issue also features:

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