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Terrorizer 239 - Watain


This month’s wicked new issue of Terrorizer, we expose the reality behind black metal heavyweights WATAIN. We explore the evolution behind their bold new album ‘The Wild Hunt’, and discover the truth about who the band are, and what they represent.

We mark the extraordinary perseverance of ANNIHILATOR main man Jeff Waters as the Canadian thrash greats reach their fourteenth studio album, and we delve into the anything-but-dull world of KING DIAMOND, as he talks senatorial censorship, Anton LeVey and ghost-hunting.

Gore-obsessed grinders EXHUMED tell us of their new-found stability, and Matt Harvey explains how there’s a deeper meaning behind the bloody lyrics. Canadian heavy metallers CAULDRON take us behind the scenes at Metallica’s Orion Music + More festival, where things don’t quite go as expected.

The most brutal band ever to use choir and orchestra FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE tell us how they’ve from strength to strength (and Beethoven), POWERWOLF explain how a power metal band can be more interested in Mercyful Fate than Blind Guardian, and RAMMING SPEED reveal there’s a serious side to their sense of humour.

DYING FETUS’ finest hour ‘Destroy The Opposition’ is remembered in our Dark Recollections, HUNTRESS are given the ultimate credibility test with a Hard Of Hearing, the story behind Holland’s highly eclectic INCUBATE FESTIVAL is told, and London death metal label ME SACO UN OJO is profiled.

We have a special report on TECH METAL, delve in the studio with SAVAGE MESSIAH, mark the return of MISERY SIGNALS, discover what makes ALL PIGS MUST DIE so angry, meet Darkthrone’s favourite crusty sludge band MORNE, find out BRUTAL TRUTH bass player Dan Lilker’s favourite tunes and unveil new bands 11 PARANOIAS, PINE BARRENS and ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE.

As if that weren’t already enough, this issue also includes:

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