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Terrorizer 238 Gojira


The new longer, louder even more extreme issue of Terrorizer is out now, with more pages and highlights that include:

One of the hottest properties in extreme metal right now gets their first UK magazine cover in years, right on the verge of them making their first UK festival showing for two years - a period in which they have grown immeasurably, a rise the cover feature details.

An iconic heavy metal frontman talks in depth about his brand new solo project, and gives us the latest on a potential "reunion" from Pantera, one of the biggest metal bands of them all.

We had a man on the inside for a US headline tour from one of the biggest new bands in the world, and he came back with all the gossip and goings on behind the scenes.

Three new features:

Every month, we delve into the underground of a particular area to discover great music that our readers want to know about, starting with a special look at UK black metal - a niche hugely important to Terrorizer readers.

We look at the men and women responsible for making the festivals our readers save up all year to go to, bringing them closer to the events they care about. This month, it's the man behind the biggest metal festival in Britain, Paul Gregory from Bloodstock.

Bringing attention to some of the groups putting out underground, extreme metal our readers want to hear, the label profile showcases music Terrorizer's audience can believe in. This month, British label Witch Hunter Records is in the spotlight.