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Terrorizer 237 - Black Metal


In this month’s brand spanking new Terrorizer, we take Black Metal’s frosty temperature with some of the creative forces that birthed it. Emperor’s former mainman IHSAHN, God Seed/ex-Gorgoroth shrieker GAAHL, Carpathian Forest’s TCHORT and Cradle Of Filth’s ever-controversial frontman DANI FILTH all speak about what black metal is, how it reached this point, and where it is going – and answer whether heavy metal’s most evil style can survive.

Definitely still alive are death metal masters AUTOPSY, who discuss with Terrorizer how they have kept the fire. We find ORPHANED LAND in pensive mood in their quest to banish hate from the Middle-East, while AMON AMARTH remind us that their songs may be catchy, but they still sing about bloody death in fire.

Mental Italian black metallers ABORYM tell us how the seedy side of America and Italian polluters inspired their new album, SKINNY PUPPY discuss their music being used Guantanamo Bay torture and WHITE WIZZARD try and bolt their revolving door of personnel.

Norwegian prog metallers LEPROUS step out from under Ihsahn’s considerable shadow, CHTHONIC fight to bring their music to the world and Isis and Deftones members team up for PALMS. We discuss the very different but equally excellent approaches to black metal of SHADE EMPIRE and SVART CROWN, delve into the past with NECROPSY and put NYHC legends VISION OF DISORDER to the test in Hard Of Hearing. We also talk to the hero/madman behind grindcore heaven OBSCENE EXTREME.

New bands on the Choice Cuts slab this month include FULL OF HELL, DEMON LUNG and DEATHCHAIN, we select and dissect new albums from AUTOPSY, CHTHONIC, DEAFHEAVEN and JEX THOTH, and take in DESERTFEST, SWR, NEUROTIC DEATHFEST, MARYLAND DEATHFEST and DEVIN TOWNSEND. We preview HELLFEST, and to round the issue off, Mille Petrozza of thrash gods KREATOR picks his ultimate mixtape.

If that’s not enough, this month’s issue also features:


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