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Terrorizer 222 Paradise Lost Anathema Ministry Municipal Waste Cradle Of Filth Cancer Bats Huntress


Terrorizer 222 has arrived and you can grab your copy here.

As Winter fades, Spring brings rebirth, and pushing existential matters aside for a moment, May's issue of Terrorizer is ready for you to get your teeth into.

Age comes to us all, and we speak to the ever-optimistic Paradise Lost about getting old and getting fit. Anathema's Vincent Cavanagh contemplates life, love and the weather, and we chicken out of dancing round the fire with Huntress. We get invited to sit around the dinner table with Municipal Waste about their new album 'The Fatal Feast' and Cancer Bats' Liam Cormier gives us the facts of life.

We also enter the studio with Winterfylleth, Insomnium pick out a mix tape for us and In Solitude are given a rough time in Hard of Hearing.

And as usual, we have pages and pages and pages of reviews and check out our live section's new look, and of course we have the new Sick Sounds wherein we point you down the road of axe shredding with Dragonforce's mercurial Herman Li.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy now!