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Terrorizer 217 December 2011 - Burzum, Nightwish, Shining, Venom and Sick Sounds 9 Animals as Leader

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This month, Burzum frontman Varg Vikernes gives us his most controversial interview yet, talking about SS helmets, why you should listen to Burzum records in bed, rerecording his first two albums and why we're (apparently) all racists.

We talk to Nightwish's creative force Tuomas Holopainen about imagination, and why he had the happiest childhood ever, to Niklas Kvarforth about life beyond Shining and why Shining will be the new Dimmu Borgir, and analyse both Swedish death metal's resurgence with Bastard Priest and the injection of dance music into extreme metal with The Browning.

Cronos takes us through a retrospective on Venom's hugely influential career, we discuss Lock Up and a life in metal with British drumming great Nick Barker and put The Rotted and Dripback head to head before crossing boundaries with progressive pair Alternative 4 and Cormorant.

We're in the studio with Woods Of Ypres and DragonForce, find out what tracks Chthonic's Doris Yeh puts on her Mix Tape Mayhem, test out Iced Earth's music knowledge in this month's Hard Of Hearing and bring you the low-down on the last hurrah of Nasum.

We select and dissect albums from My Dying Bride, Vildhjarta, Carnifex and Mournful Congregation, bring you the full run-down of everything that went on at Damnation, Live Evil and Supersonic Festivals and introduce you to Vektor, Steak Number Eight, Throne Of Katarsis and Conan.

If that's not enough, this month's free Sick Sounds supplement talks all things technical with modern guitar genius Tosin Abasi of Animals As Leaders, offers lessons in how to play like him and reviews the Yamaha THR10 guitar amp.

If you're not already convinced as to why you need this month's Terrorizer, also featuring are:

Arch Enemy
Black Sabbath
Devin Townsend
Machine Head
Uneven Structure

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