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Terrorizer #215: Devin Townsend, Machine Head, In Solitude and Damnation Festival

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In Terrorizer #215, maestro Devin Townsend talks to us about his explosion of creativity, the radical changes he has undergone since the end of Strapping Young Lad and his plans for the future.

We chat to Robb Flynn about Machine Head's continued evolution, discover Paradise Lost frontman Greg Mackintosh's new extreme project Vallenfyre and discuss the Devil with In Solitude.

We bring you the essential guide to Damnation Festival, introduce you to the evil Nine Covens and the elegant Imperial Vengeance, select and dissect new albums from Absu, Brutal Truth and Iced Earth, darkly recollect Monster Magnet's 'Dopes To Infinity', go and see TesseracT and Pig Destroyer play radically different shows in all ways.

If that were not enough to make you salivate over this issue, we also bring you:

Dimmu Borgir
Orange Goblin
Will Haven
In Solitude
The Defiled
Hammers Of Misfortune
Nine Covens
Morbus Chron

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