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Terrorizer #204 - Electric Wizard, Triptycon, Nile, Seventh Void, Napalm Death


As we reach the end of 2010, what better way to get in the mood for long, dark winter nights than to catch up with Electric Wizard, who tell tales of the near demise and their triumphant return with the extraordinary Black Masses.

With a cracking covermount CD featuring Dragged Into Sunlight and a Behemoth poster that utterly slays, December's issue 204 comes jam-packed with these exciting goodies:

Triptycon US tour report Seventh Void talk life after Pete Steele The return of Turisas Vinnie Paul Napalm Death on Skins Nile annihilate the UK Meads of Asphodel Slough Feg Blut Aus Nord Kreig Sodom ...and shit loads more.