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Terrorizer #197 June 2010 - Watain stare from the abyss, Dominion #4


Self-assured, admittedly arrogant and inextricably intelligent Erik Danielsson of Watain is swathed in all the rock 'n' roll cliches you want from a frontman. What happened to the shock rock tactics of metal's elder statesmen? We used to expect misbehaviour and mischief from our rock stars, jaw-dropping claims of hedonistic revelry and controversial soundbites that would send the PMRC into overdrive. When did metal become so safe?

Interviewing Watain is both eye-opening and refreshing. Don't expect Olivier 'Zoltar' Badin's featre to come laden with the usual tales of yawn-inducing studio sessionsand watered-down, self-inflicted embargos, interviewing Watain is a warts and all experience, on all sensory levels, mind and body, from the rancid stench of decay that permeates their rehearsal space to the chaotic propaganda that infects every practised, intrepidly researched and deliberately shocking quote.

This is what makes their fourth album so invigorating, they've reached this point in their career by following their rules their own lawless darkness. Because of this Watain are, without doubt, the world's most dangerous band in existence today.

That Armageddon Festival in London on June 4-5 has been masterminded into becoming a not-to-be-missed showcase for Watain's manifesto is telling of their dedication to their spreading their unholy gospel. What began as an already breathtaking weekender with Nifelheim, Vomitor and Repugnant on its bill has become a ceremonial rite, with VON, yes fucking VON, and The Devil's Blood joining what will certainly be the most important show you'll ever see, matching the black metal masses of mainland Europe. Finally, London has a festival to be proud of, and I'm already waiting for next year's line-up. Fuck the 7th, black metal will be reborn on June 4th, at The Garage in Islington. See you there.