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Terrorizer #196 - May 2010, Judas Priest...!!!


A good thirty years after a sound was defined and a scene took form, Terrorizer stands in awe of a towering metal monument every bit the equal of Wren's churches or Brunell's top hat – Judas Priest's 1980 call to arms, 'British Steel'. Devour not just the story behind this vastly influential album, but learn of its impact on Watain, Primordial, Ihsahn and more!

As if that wasn't reason enough, consider:

• An exclusive first look at Watain's eagerly anticipated new album 'Lawless Darkness'.
• A zero-bullshit guide to the festival seasons telling you not just who's playing, but how to get there, what it'll cost and what the beer's like.
• Choice Cuts – overflowing with 22 new and cult bands, from post-Decapitated Polish brutalists Masachist and caustic British post-metallers Rinoa to hotly tipped Australian grinders Extortion and crusty hardcore pugelists Black Breath.

Plus the usual reviews, previews, competitions and the likes of Amon Amarth, Brutal Truth, Trigger The Bloodshed, 1349, Cathedral, Unleashed, Venomous Concept, The Ocean, Master, Unholy Grave, Vomitor, Exodus, Metsatoll, Bison BC and much much more.