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Sick Sounds Issue 2: Mastodon, play like Ihsahn and whammy bar abuse


Sick Sound Number 2 is available NOW and contains more thrills and excitement for True Cult Heavy Metal-ists everywhere!

INTRO: Orange amps, Celeste Boursier-Mougenot, Ihsahn signs with Blackstar Amps
Studio Time: Trigger The Bloodshed
Win a Zilla Cab! Plus 'Scattered Ashes' Emperor tab book and Ihsahn's 'After'
Between Silence And Sound: The first in a series of columns written by Kylesa's Laura Pleasants
Violent Introductions: Vasaeleth, Portal, Black Breath
TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Diezel Schmidt, BC Rich Virgo, Spear Flextool, MXR bass pedals, Vintage Metal Axxe round-up plus more
LandPhil from Municipal Waste/Cannabis Corpse

The Dillinger Escape Plan
High On Fire

Ihsahn lesson: Riffing for when stuck at the wrong end of a nightside eclipse
Drill Bits: Master the triplets
Get CAGED: Part two in our fretboard orientation programme
Evile's Ol Drake sweats on sweeps
Whammy Abuse: From vibrato to divebombs, shake it like a Polaroid picture and go daft with a whammy bar
Master Of Bassists: Climb inside Cliff Burton's bass technique