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More ultra-rare back-issues: 86, 87, 93, 94 and 95!


Complete your collection of Terrorizers with these pristine, as new back issues, straight from the publisher with reduced shipping costs for multiple issues.

From 2001 (yes! 2001!) we have available for you:

86 Jan/Feb 2001 Monster Magnet (2 UK with CD, 1 US price and barcode RARE! no CD, 1 UK no CD)

87 March 2001 Albums of the '80s (no CD, US price and barcode cover RARE!)

93 October 2001 Emperor (no CD, one with US price and barcode RARE! slight nick off lower right hand corner)

94 November 2001 Godflesh (no CD came with this issue)

95 December 2001 Entombed (with CD! one without CD)

(Remember, these 'zines are over THIRTEEN years old so will show slight signs of age).